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Mrs. Maneka Gandhi
( Chairperson )  

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As an importer or wholesaler of carpets, it has taken you years of hard work to put your businesstogether. You have spent days and worked overnight to instill confidence in your resellers/ retailers that you are providing them good value for their money. Consequently, your mutual confidence and business have successfully grown over the years.

However, today you realize that there is more to business than just price and quality. The various human-rights protectionist organizations have successfully educated the normal consumer into realising that small children toiling under inhuman working-conditions may have made these carpets! Due to sheer empathy, the general consumer finds it impossible to buy these carpets any more! In a chain reaction, your resellers start avoiding your products, and the future of your business seems endangered!!


This is a time to look at RUGMARK, the international label against illegal child labour in the carpet industry. Hundreds of the companies around the world have already joined RUGMARK and have made their carpet-sourcing child-labour proof and their businesses strong against these happenings. To find how you can also reap the benefits of RUGMARK for your business

Select a RUGMARK Carpet it just feel Better
You want to buy a new carpet. Now what do you do? Enter a retail outlet - with literally thousands of beautiful colours, exquisite patterns and textures to choose from, making the right carpet selection to suit your lifestyle may throw you into a loop. You can buy any one of them, which is affordable, desirable and satisfies your requirement. Buying a RUGMARK labelled carpet (a carpet with a smiling face) gives you a feeling that you've made the righ




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