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Mrs. Maneka Gandhi
( Chairperson )  

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The looms of all licensees are regularly monitored through systematic random inspection by experienced and competent inspectors. They are trained employees of the RUGMARK Foundation.

To minimize the chances of convenience between the loom owners and inspectors, the inspectors do not know the looms they will be visiting on a particular day until that morning. The two person inspection teams are also changed periodically to prevent corruption.

The inspectors question any young looking weaver of his or her age. They also consider any empty seat at a working loom as having been vacated by a child and demand an explanation from the loom owner.

If children are detected at the looms during inspections, the RUGMARK foundation immediately withdraws the license of that carpet manufacturer. In that case none of his carpets can carry the RUGMARK label even if child labour is detected in only one of his looms.

Furthermore, even the local non-government organizations (NGOs) monitor the adherence to the RUGMARK regulations. Any non-compliance to these regulations also results in the withdrawal of the license.

The inspections are to be carried out in accordance with the methodology and procedures as laid down by the RUGMARK Foundation. Inspection activities cover not only weaving but auxiliary activities such as washing, clipping, dyeing etc.



Objective to work at low costs and to minimise administrative procedures is characteristic of the RUGMARK scheme.


  • Each Rugamark Licensee pays 0.25% of FOB value of carpets exported with the RUGMARK label. This money is utilised to defray administrative costs of the Foundation.

  • Importers pay 0.5% on FOB of carpets imported with RUGMARK labels. This money is utilised for social welfare projects.






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