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Mrs. Maneka Gandhi
( Chairperson )  

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The RUGMARK label offers you the best possible assuranceLabel of Assurance that no illegal child labour was used in the manufacture of your carpet and rug. Buyers of RUGMARK carpets can take pride in knowing that: -

  • A child's fingers did not make their carpet.
  • The loom and factory in which their carpet was made is registered with RUGMARK.
  • RUGMARK inspectors have open permanent free access to the loom or the factory where their carpet was made.
  • A portion of the price they pay goes to establishing schools and rehabilitation centres for carpet children.
  • They are helping to bring attention to the problems of child labour in the carpet industry.
  • The RUGMARK label on the carpet is individually numbered, enabling its origin to be traced as a measure to minimize chances of counterfeits.

It gives exporters an edge over their counterparts who are not registered with RUGMARK Foundation.

More about RUGMARK Criterion for Assurance.



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